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Review of Photoflex LitePanel

Posted by in Lighting | Comments
Review of Photoflex LitePanel

If you are not aware of this product it is a light modifier kit in the form of a collapsible frame that you attach a piece of translucent or double-sided fabric to for use as a diffuser or reflector.  The fact that it is collapsible for me is key in addition to the fact that it is quite sturdy when assembled for use.  I have had my eye on these for sometime and finally got my hands on one recently to try out.

I tried on the 39″ x 72″ aluminum frame with a few of the fabrics and some accessories recently.  I used the aluminum frame (versus the PVC) since durability and rigidity are both important factors for something like this to me and I knew I would want to use it in the field as well as in the studio.

The frame was very quick and easy to assemble.   The fabric attached to the frame with the use of an elastic strap at a 45 degree angle on each of the 4 corners.  Again quick and easy for assemble and tear down which I really like.  I tried out several fabrics and really like the translucent panel and the white/soft gold ones the most.  I also like the 39″ cross-bar attachment as it make the panel easier for my assistant to hold or clamp it to a light stand using the T-clamp also from Photoflex.  I think the LitePanels are much more consistent than then clunky 5in1 pop up reflector I have used prior to this and much more reliable to use with a stand when I am shooting solo.

I recommend getting one of the kits as you end up saving some money versus buying everything separately.  This kit offered by Adorama include the aluminum panel, translucent panel, white/soft gold panel, cross-bar, clamp, Photoflex lite stand, and carrying bag.

LitePanel kit

LitePanel kit


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