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Lightroom “Grunge/HDR” look Preset

Lightroom “Grunge/HDR” look Preset

Sometimes you can create a really cool look in Lightroom with some radical adjustments that you normally would not do. With a few quick changes of some of the sliders in the “Basic” menu I turned this:

























In to this:

























This image was created by following adjustments:

  • Recovery to 100
  • Fill light to 100
  • Blacks to 43
  • Clarity 100
  • Vibrance 100
  • Saturation -76

Along with a post crop Vignette:

  • Amount -50
  • Midpoint 56
  • Roundness 0
  • Feather 65
  • Highlights 0

Theses settings will not work for every image but they are a good place to start.

Download this Preset (Grunge) to apply the above adjustments with just the press of a button in Lightroom.  You will have to change the file extension from “TXT” to “LRTEMPLATE” and then import into Lightroom by Right Clicking on “User Presets” and selecting “Import”.

Good luck and have fun experimenting.




  • Darren says:

    Hey John
    That’s great, I’m not into HDR but it’s interesting to see the adjustments to get the image to look like that. I know alot of people are HDR fans and will benefit from your findings.

    Still much prefer the original though :-)

  • Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks again and God bless.

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